Electric cars

Drive anywhere with zero emissions.
Electric Vehicles are cheaper to run and better for the environment.

Electric cars make sense

EVs are cheaper to run, with lower maintenance costs compared to a petrol/diesel car and have low to zero emissions. Electric cars are the future and here's why you need one!

EV buyers guide

Ready to find the EV that suits you? Well let us help. Check out NZ's best electric vehicle buyers guide. Find the latest price, range and videos to help you start your electric journey!

Eco tec videos

Electric technology updates in a nutshell - fast, fun, entertaining and informing. Our Eco tec video channel keeps you up to date with the latest developments.

EV public charging

Ecotricity proudly supply the two main charging infrastuctures in NZ. Check out these maps to find charging stations before you hit the road.

Emission calculator

Try out the carbon calculator to see how much you could save with an EV each year.

Eco news

IPCC Report - it’s now or never

Save between $8,625 and $1,780 on your EV!

Businesses are backing cycleways for the future!