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Ecotricity WINS Excellence in Sustainability!


The Central Regional Gala Dinner of the 2023 2degrees Auckland Business Awards, which took place on Thursday, November 9th, 2023, at Cordis Auckland, was an unforgettable occasion. This event united the finest businesses in the region, with all 43 fi...

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Ecotricity Customers/ Partners

Lincoln Flexibility Project


Orion Media Release 19/10/23 Orion is pleased to announce it’s partnering with electricity retailer Ecotricity to deliver a flexibility solution for the Lincoln area. Lincoln is seeing large scale residential growth, which is raising the demand for...

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Electric Vehicles Sustainability

Why you need to invest in an electric bike or electric scooter.


At Ecotricity we understand that congestion and commuting costs are not going away anytime soon. The fuel subsidy has ended, as has the half price fares deal in Auckland. As you know we are massive advocates of EV’s, and are doing all we can to enabl...

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Customers/ Partners

It's all about circular sustainability!


Did you know that New Zealand sends the equivalent of 650 Sky Towers full of waste to landfill each year! Waste is a major issue and while it only contributes to around 2% of New Zealand’s carbon footprint, biogenic methane actually has a greater war...

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Case Studies

Sustainable Spirits!


Dunedin Craft Distillers, now powered by 100% renewable, Toitū climate positive certified electricity! They are committed to minimising their footprint and have adopted a circular solution to modern alcohol production.

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