We're Toitū climate positive certified

Ecotricity is New Zealand’s first and only Toitū climate positive certified electricity provider. 100% renewable energy purchased from wind, hydro and solar, matched to your consumption on an annualised basis.​


Climate Positive goes above and beyond

Being Toitū climate positive certified means having a positive impact on the climate. We measure the emissions associated with our full value chain, set science based reduction plans for the short and long term, and go beyond net carbonzero by compensating at 125%, as well as contributing to additional environmental and social projects.
Our climate positive energy

Ecotricity has certified several renewable wind and hydro generation sites. We also have a substantial base of solar customers who provide an additional supply of Toitū climate positive certified energy to the grid.

Matched to your consumption

We can accurately account for how much energy our customers are using and conversely how much energy we need to purchase from climate positive certified, renewable resources. This is done on an annualised basis. Find out more.

Internationally recognised

Climate Positive certification follows strict Greenhouse Gas protocols and is internationally recognised. Our certification has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of ISO14067:2018 for product and ISO14064-1:2018 for our organisation.


Why we chose to become climate positive

Despite many New Zealanders well-placed intentions to act against climate change, their ability to take action is increasingly being put under pressure by more immediate personal socioeconomic challenges.

This coincides with a misunderstanding of how accessible the more impactful climate actions are, often leaving people feeling unempowered to take meaningful action. Our new climate positive electricity solution is market leading, and to achieve this certification we have gone through a rigorous process with Toitū.;

Switching to a renewable electricity provider is one of the 10 recommended actions we can take for a healthy planet, according to the United Nations.​


How we did it

At Ecotricity we go beyond carbon neutrality to make a positive impact on society.


Measuring the carbon footprint of our entire value chain


Setting absolute science-aligned reduction targets


Offsetting remaining emissions at 125% to go beyond neutrality


Verifying annually to ensure our results are accurate and complete


Contributing a further 75% by supporting local environmental and social projects
The certification
The certification

We are Toitū climate positive certified as a product and as an organisation. Toitū Envirocare are a team of scientists and business experts that lead positive change through a system of robust environmental programmes that are internationally recognised.

Projects we support
Projects we support

To be able to offset 125%, as well as contributing a further 75%, of all emissions, we must support local and international decarbonising projects. We support the Million Meters Stream Project in NZ, Gyapa Cookstoves project in Ghana, the Orb Household Project in India, and the Solar Energy Project Emami Power Project in India.


What can you do to help?

Help us turn back time on carbon emissions.

With the average Kiwi emitting over 6 tonnes of Co2 per year, of which about 1.4 tonnes comes from electricity usage, by choosing Ecotricity’s Toitū climate positive certified electricity, you have a simple and easy solution to substantially reduce your carbon footprint. Make the switch to a cleaner and greener future today, at affordable prices.

Carbon savings are based on your monthly energy consumption multiplied by the average emissions intensity for the month across NZ. Your Toitū climate positive certified electricity is provided on an annualised basis. Read more here.


Got a question

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The Toitū climate positive programme is founded on the latest science and international standards with verifiable and comparable results. To earn certification, an organisation or product must measure and report in annual audits, all operational and value chain emissions in accordance with the ISO 14064-1:2018 for organisations and ISO 14067:2018 for product lifecycle emissions.

The programme requires the setting and achievement of science-aligned reduction targets, as well as a clear decarbonisation strategy. From an accounting perspective, the carbon balance sheet for members will show a negative balance as all unavoidable emissions are offset through the cancellation of verified carbon credits, going beyond net zero to have a positive impact. Members are required to go beyond carbon neutral to have a positive impact through additional carbon credits (25% of the organisation or product footprint) and contributing to wider environmental and social outcomes (equivalent to the cost of offsetting 75% of the organisation or product footprint). The programme not only focuses on reducing emissions, but also requires engagement and broader social and environmental outcomes, aligning with science for a sustainable future.

Toitū Envirocare leads positive change through a system of science-based environmental programmes. The organisation is made up of a team of scientists and business experts who have come together to protect the ecological and economic future of this place, catalysing action for a zero-carbon future.  

Though developed for New Zealand business needs, Toitū Envirocare’s offerings currently serve over 800 clients worldwide and have helped reduce 8.4 million tonnes of carbon and they’re only just getting started. Wholly owned by Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, a Crown Research Institute, our origins are in science, but our future is in the sustainability of our economy, our people, and our land.  

Since 2019 Toitū Envirocare has been a Certified B Corporation. We are committed to being a business that not only acts as a power for good but does no harm. Through our impact business models, we empower other organisations to understand and improve environmental performance, but within our own business, we have taken specific steps to ensure we are improving our performance. We are also active in the B Corp Community working on supporting other B Corps to take meaningful, science-based climate action.

Toitū climate positive certification pushes climate leaders beyond neutrality to make a positive impact on society. It is proof an organisation is taking science-led, meaningful climate action for a decarbonised future. 

Energy is a way of life. It is incorporated into nearly everything we do. It heats and powers our homes, transports us, and makes food and goods for us to consume. Without it we would be lost, we rely on having a constant supply of energy. The one downside to energy use is where it comes from, and this is where Ecotricity is making a difference. The energy sector contributes about 41% of New Zealand’s total emissions, with almost half of that coming from transport. Energy sources like oil, coal, gas, geothermal and cogeneration are major emissions producers that are significantly contributing to climate change.  

Ecotricity purchases only 100% renewable and Toitū climate positive certified wind, hydro and solar energy sources to power New Zealand. These sources don’t produce any emissions while generating energy for the country, and any emissions associated with the construction, maintenance, and deconstruction are accurately measured, calculated, and offset by us through Toitū Envirocare’s quality carbon credit projects.  

Even though the battle for clean renewable energy is a long one, things are starting to look greener as we introduce new renewable energy sources. In the past year, New Zealand’s emissions have started to drop which is great news and why it’s worth switching to Ecotricity to make a difference

The short answer is ‘no’, Ecotricity can’t guarantee that customers only receive the Toitū climate positive certified, 100% renewable energy that we purchase. For this to be achieved, New Zealand would need to have a separate green energy grid, connecting renewable sources directly to households. The environmental and financial costs of building this would be significant.   

However, the company believes it’s more important to focus on the generation side to help get the NZ electricity grid to 100% renewable. Our certification is based on international protocols and United Nations Product Specifications for supplying electricity from renewable sources. The reason it is important to support climate positive certified electricity is so that new renewable electricity is developed, in particular wind and solar, so by choosing Ecotricity you are encouraging more electricity generation through sustainable means.


Creating a green energy grid is a United Nations protocol. Ecotricity is leading the industry and the sector by going above and beyond to map out sustainable processes up the value chain and down the value chain and within our organisation as well. You can’t manage what you can’t measure and the company is leading the way in terms of showing how to be accountable for carbon and transparent about not only reduction but off-setting.