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For companies that measure their carbon emissions through carbonreduce, carbonzero, RE100 or other emission schemes, Ecotricity’s Toitū climate positive certified electricity can completely pre-offset all greenhouse gas emissions related to electricity consumption.

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We support New Zealand businesses in becoming cleaner and greener.

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Step up your sustainability game by only buying 100% renewable, Toitū climate positive certified energy.

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We offer clean energy with plans suited to your needs. Power that is good for your business and good for the planet.

ecoWHOLESALE Commercial
ecoWHOLESALE Commercial
  • More control over your power bill
  • Energy rates as low as 1c/kWh
  • Most popular option for small to medium business
ecoSAVER commercial
ecoSAVER commercial
  • Up to 30% cheaper off peak rates
  • Cheaper after hours and through weekends
  • For early riser and weekend warriors!

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Solar for business

We support the transition into solar for commercial and large corporate customers.

Our pricing structures are competitive, and we offer tailored price plans for larger sites to suit your consumption patterns. Our Toitū climate positive certified product provides pricing protection from the carbon market. 

To find out more about the innovative products we have on offer, please contact us.


Carbon Emissions Calculator

Use our Carbon Calculator to find out how your current energy usage stacks up in terms of emissions. We’ll show you what reductions you’ll see by making the switch today to Ecotricity.


NZ businesses making a difference

James Draper
Co-Founder, Farro Fresh

“Farro Fresh expect to save over 260,000 kilograms CO2 from our electricity emissions each year by moving to Ecotricity. There is no added cost ... in fact over time we expect to see worthwhile savings.”

Hannah Taylor
Chorus Head of Sustainability

"As we ramp up our efforts to help both the environment and people thrive, we know we can’t make serious progress on our own - the partnerships we build are therefore crucial. With 92% of our scope 1 & 2 emissions coming from electricity use we knew who we partnered with for our electricity supply would be important. We wanted more than just an electricity supplier. We wanted an organisation that had sustainability at the heart of their business, and who wanted to work with us on our own sustainability goals and journey. And that’s exactly what we’ve found with Ecotricity."

Russell Ballie
Energy Manager, UOA

“I switched to Ecotricity because they offer some of the best solar export rates as well as great night time rates, and it’s all from climate positive certified renewable sources.”


Got a question

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Your carbon emissions are being compared to the national average electricity CO2e intensity for the last 12 months, this is updated each month for the preceding 12 months.

What this means is – all of the kWhs (units) of electricity for the last 12 months are measured as well as the amount of CO2e emitted in producing that electricity. This can tell us on average how many grams of CO2e are emitted per kWh produced.

We can then take the number of kWh you have consumed in the month and multiply it by the months' intensity and create a calculation of the amount of CO2e you have avoided.

Our Toitū climate positive certification for electricity is based on international protocols and United Nations Product Specifications for supplying electricity from renewable sources.

No. The New Zealand Emission Trading Scheme (NZ-ETS) is a compliance scheme which currently only allocates one carbon unit for every two carbon units emitted and does not include organisation emissions including vehicle, travel and other company emissions. Toitū carbonzero and climate positive are comprehensive voluntary schemes which include one carbon unit for every carbon unit emitted including general organisation emissions from non electricity GHG emissions plus vehicle, travel, freight and office waste emissions. Voluntary action including Toitū carbonzero and climate positive Certification are however complementary to compliance obligations and therefore adds to New Zealand’s contribution to international climate change commitments in the following ways:

  • Participating in the Toitū carbonzero and climate positive Programmes empowers companies to measure and manage their own emissions and often results in product innovation and energy/ fuel efficiency measures that indirectly contribute to reducing NZ’s overall emissions profile.
  • Participants in these Programmes offset organisation and product emissions that may also be reported by the NZ Government and other emissions that are not covered in national reporting, such as international air travel, international freight, manufacture of materials overseas. All of the action taken by participants in these Programmes are additional and complementary to compliance obligations. Compliance with the NZ-ETS obligations by electricity companies that do not have Toitū carbonzero or climate positive Certification does not result in their electricity product being able to be certified as carbon neutral for the following reasons:
  • The methods for calculating the emissions and the “offset” required are different for the two schemes. Participants in the NZ-ETS report some or all of their direct (Scope 1 and Scope 2) emissions for their NZ operations as specified in the sector methodology. Participants in the Toitū carbonzero and climate positive Programmes with product certifications such as electricity, are required to account for all direct (Scope 1 and Scope 2) emissions plus the life cycle emissions associated with the production, delivery and decommissioning of the product including many indirect (Scope 3) emissions some of which may have occurred overseas.
  • The units surrendered by companies as part of their NZ-ETS obligation are not equivalent to the offsets required by the Toitū carbonzero Programme. Participants in the NZ-ETS surrender one unit for each two tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents reported, whereas participants in the Toitū carbonzero Programme cancel one unit for every tonne of carbon dioxide equivalents in their footprint and for Toitū climate positive an additional 25% is offset. Participants in these Programmes therefore offset a larger footprint than participants in the NZ-ETS.

This refers to the ability to report zero emissions under the guidance of Scope 2 GHG Protocol market-based emissions method. Ecotricity have measured and offset its electricity products (including transmission and distribution losses) supplied to clients and therefore zero emissions can be reported and not needed to be offset again, of course this only applies if we supply 100% of your electricity needs.