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Can we guarantee each electron comes from only renewables?

No. However, because electricity is an interchangeable commodity throughout New Zealand we are able to very accurately account for how much we are supplying our customers and conversely purchasing from renewable resources on an annualized basis. The net effect therefore is that we are only purchasing from certified renewable sources.

We also take into account what emissions arise from the construction of the renewable generation plant, such as concrete, steel, transport to and from the site, transmission losses etc. A very detailed piece of work goes on behind the scenes!

Our Toitū climate positive certification for electricity is based on international protocols and United Nations Product Specifications for supplying electricity from renewable sources. Carbon neutral electricity is offered in many overseas markets including Australia, the US and Europe. The Toitū climate positive certified electricity programme has also been peer reviewed by an overseas expert. The reason it is important to support climate positive certified electricity is so that new renewable electricity is developed, in particular wind and solar.

To find out much carbon emissions you can save by joining Ecotricity, check out our energy carbon emissions calculator here.

You should receive your invoice within the first 10 days of the month via email.

Please email [email protected] with proof of identity/address.

Once you have received your first invoice, please register on our website with your customer number and email address and you will be able to see your consumption data and invoices.

Smart meter = $30 + GST. Import/Export meter = $80 + GST. New Connection = $95 + GST. These charges are applied to your electricity invoices but can take a few months to add so do not be alarmed if they don't show up on the next invoice received.

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Have a complaint?

Have a complaint?

Please get in touch with our team on 0800 845 000. For any unresolved complaints, Utilities Disputes is a free and independent disputes service and can be contacted on 0800 22 33 40 or on their website.

Have a complaint?

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Give us a call on 0800 845 000 or check on Powerswitch. They are a free and independent energy price comparison site. Follow the link to make sure you're on the right plan for your needs.