NZ’s cleanest and greenest electricity power company.

carbonzero certified means we measure and offset all emissions. We purchase the same amount of wind, hydro and solar electricity that we supply customers on an annualised basis.

Why switch to Ecotricity?

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100% carbonzero

NZ's only 100% carbonzero certified renewable electricity provider.

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100% affordable

Competitive and transparent pricing. A fair deal for your residential or commercial site.

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100% renewable energy

From wind, hydro and solar. Power your home with nature.

Save up to


kg/CO2 emissions p.a.

That’s like planting

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We're carbonzero certified

This is a certification program that offers guidelines and processes for businesses and entities to become carbon neutral. Being carbonzero certified means we purchase from specific wind, hydro and solar generation sites and we measure all greenhouse gases associated with the full lifecycle of those stations.

We have detailed programmes in place which follow United Nations Product Protocols to measure and minimise our greenhouse gas emissions.

How we make our electricity


It is renewable, requires no fuel, and cheaper than any other form of new energy generation. That is why wind is the fastest-growing means of electricity generation in the world. Longer-term, the more wind farms that are installed in New Zealand, the cheaper your power bills will get.


Hydro generation can be viewed as one big battery and can be ramped up or down depending on the net electricity demand of the country. The hydro generation currently supplies around 60% of New Zealand’s electricity demand and is one of the cheapest and most efficient forms of generation available.


Solar offers long term electricity price stability for the consumer and in most cases around the country is now economic. Solar also means consumers can have more control over their energy future.

Renewable energy for your home or business

Is sustainability important for your office or home? Then power your place with Ecotricity because it makes sense. Help to save the planet and create a greener future.

I switched to Ecotricity because they offer some of the best solar export rates as well as great night time rates, and it’s all from carboNZero Certified renewable sources.

Russell Ballie

We switched to Ecotricity because they are locally owned, produce clean energy and help their customers benefit from having alternate energy systems. The change over was simple and staff were helpful.

Bruce Larsen

I wanted to ensure that my family and I consume electricity that is produced through renewable methods. We felt that Ecotricity's carbonZero certification gives us confidence that we are achieving that goal without paying more! Nice work Team.

Richard Horton

Farro Fresh expect to save over 260,000 kilograms CO2 from our electricity emissions each year by moving to Ecotricity. There is no added cost ... in fact over time we expect to see worthwhile savings.

James Draper
Co-Founder, Farro Fresh