EV World NZ expo 2017 was Exceptional!

New Zealand’s first electric vehicle expo was a success!

EV World NZ was held at the Vodafone Events Centre on the 8th – 9th September 2017 and we  hope this is one of many exhibits to celebrate EV’s as the future for New Zealand’s transport!

The conferences on Friday were informative and a great opportunity to hear about what we can expect towards New Zealand’s future with EV’s and how we can continue to increase the electric fleet throughout the country.

ev world logo

Distinguished speakers shared their ideas around the future EV projections that is growing exponentially and minimizing our carbon footprint as we head towards a low carbon world.

Ecotricity interviewed a number of attendees as to why EV’s are cool.

EVangelists like Steve West says he would prefer to support and purchase local electricity than to import foreign oil that’s harming our environment.

Other EV supporters also said Electric Vehicles are easy to drive, affordable to run and great avoiding frantic petrol stations!

steve west

Green Cabs NZ revealed from their survey that there was no clear defining factor preventing the public from purchasing EV’s between price, quality, environment or convenience. But what many advocates agreed upon across the industry stated as a challenge when purchasing an EV is Range Anxiety.

Responses to tackle Range anxiety were increasing the number of chargers across the country, importing greater range vehicles into the country like Tesla and increasing education and market awareness for the public.

conferenceBUT enough with the business side of things, the public expo was pumping as thousands of people turned up to support the exciting event!

EV world Expo was suitable for all ages; kids were interacting with the EV chargers and couples browsing EV’s for their potential family mover.

EV’s were an option but now its inevitable!

Not only were EV’s on display but other awesome and innovative Electric transports were on site. There are various forms of electric transport available in New Zealand to suit your travelling needs from E-trucks, E-scooters and E-bikes like the gas free, quiet Ubco 2X2 bike build to handle all terrains.








Public seminars were on hand with guest speakers like Brett Wilson who shared a few words around the progression with Electric Vehicles and the different models currently. Brett Wilson pointed out the Electric fleet over the year has increased drastically and has only prevailed as 5501 EV’s are on the road with more than 330 electric vehicles added to the fleet in August.

bmw for blogOur future will be Electrifying!

As advocates towards a sustainable future, Ecotricity are proud to support Electric Vehicles in NZ! To view highlights from the expo, watch our ecoHITS video HERE!

If you’re interested in more information about the EV’s available in NZ, check out our EV Buyers guide or try out our EV savings Calculator to see how much you could save!







Ecotricity is New Zealand’s only provider of carboNZero Certified Electricity.

Electric Vehicle Buyers Guide

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