Carbon & Electric Vehicle Calculator

  • Use our Carbon Calculator to find out how your current energy usage stacks up in terms of emissions. We’ll show you what reductions you’ll see by making the switch today to Ecotricity.


    Average kWh per month from your electricity bill

    Based on national average electricity emissions.

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    Average kWh per month from your gas bill

    Based on national average gas emissions.

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    Kilometers travelled per year

    Petrol or diesel carbon emissions per km (NZ Average)

    Based on national average vehicle emissions.

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    Your annual energy emissions

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    How to become energy carbon neutral?

    1. Join Ecotricity for your power

    2. Change your gas appliances to electric

    3. Switch to an Electric Vehicle

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  • Our fuel saver calculator will help you track how much you can save by switching to an electric vehicle. Fill in your details and find out what you could save every year.

    Fuel cost

    Enter the average distance you drive every year

    Your vehicle maintenance cost per year

    Current price per litre Petrol / Diesel

    Average fuel economy (litres/100km)

    Your fuel cost per year


    Total costs

    Petrol / Diesel total costs
    (Fuel & maintenance costs per year)

    Electric Vehicle total costs
    (Incl. maintenance costs per year*)

    Total Electric Vehicle savings




    Assumes $300 maintenance costs per EV per year

    Assumes electricity cost as $0.23 per kWh

    Electric Vehicle savings estimate only etc etc

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