ecoWHOLESALE – New Zealands Best ELECTRICITY Price Plan

 Save the PLANET.   Save your WALLET.

ecoWHOLESALE is the most competitive carboNZero Certified Electricity price plan available to Kiwi homes and businesses.

Switch to ecoWHOLESALE

ecoWHOLESALE is linked to our carboNZero Certified Wholesale Electricity SPOT Prices from Wind, Hydro and Solar which fluctuates every half hour.

But on average over the long term you will likely save between 5 – 19% on your energy costs compared to other Anytime price plans ….. and network prices are passed on at cost.

This can mean savings as much as $500 for Residential customers and over $10,000 for some Commercial customers each year.

To see how the wholesale market performances long term, take a look here.

You can also track your usage against the half-hourly prices online to work out how you can save even more outside higher priced time periods.

170907 ecoSPOT graph

ecoWHOLESALE is New Zealand’s only carboNZero certified plan linked to the wholesale market in this way, so not only are these plans cheap, they also provide 100% renewable and carbon neutral electricity.

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And it gets better.

What happens When Prices Go High?

When prices are forecast to increase we send you SMS and / or email warnings 1 – 4 hours in advance so you can change your consumption ….. like putting the clothes dryer on hold!

Sometimes the half-hourly market prices go high for an extended period of time, for example over a number of weeks when there is a drought and the hydro lakes get low.

Typically this only happens once every few years, but when it does, you can switch over to our ecoANYTIME plans and avoid the short term high market prices.


There is a small one-off charge for this of between $15 and $39 for Residential Customers but once you switch over, you can stay on our ecoANYTIME plans for as long as you like whether it be one, two or six months.

Switching back to ecoWHOLESALE is free as soon as the market prices come back down.


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Can I export using Solar or Battery storage?


ecoWHOLESALE is New Zealands first Wholesale price plan to allow for export from your solar, or if you have battery storage, when the prices are high.

To get ecoWHOLESALE Prices click below for your home or business.



If you would like to switch to ecoWHOLESALE (or LowSPOT) or to find out more information, please email [email protected] or give us a call on 0800 845 000.


Prices and Conditions

A. Changing from Residential ecoWHOLESALE to ecoANYTIME: one off fee of $39+GST
B. Changing from Residential Low User WHOLESALE to LowUSER: one off fee of $15+GST
C. Changing from Commercial ecoWHOLESALE to eco144 or ecoANYTIME, prices are available on application
D. These options are only available when market prices are unusually high over an extended period greater than two weeks.
E. Price plan changes apply to full calendar months however a change to ecoANYTIME or lowUSER can be back dated from the 15th of each month to the beginning of the month.
F. There are no charges to switch back to ecoWHOLESALE or Low User  WHOLESALE.