Ecotricity & solarcity join forces

Solar friendly price plans

Ecotricity and solarcity are working closely to make it easier for Kiwi homeowners to go solar and enjoy the ongoing benefits of clean energy.

Both companies are committed to reducing New Zealand’s carbon footprint and helping our nation to become 100% renewable.

“By working closely together we are aiming to achieve new levels in solar installation speed and efficiency in order to improve the customer experience and help save the environment,” says CEO Andrew Booth

He says improving local permitting and interconnection will help rooftop solar, which trebled in the last 18 months, to grow even faster.

As New Zealand’s only carboNZero certified energy providers Ecotricity and solarcity will be cutting the red tape which is slowing down the process of switching to solar. Currently, some power companies are forcing homeowners to wait up to two months for a two-way meter which is needed before a solar system can be connected to the power grid. That’s unacceptable and we will be aiming to reduce the wait to a matter of days.

Al Yates, Director of Ecotricity, says that as solar power is becoming competitive it will be a vital part of the country’s energy future.

“We are working hard to become the nation’s leading utility for customers using solar systems and electric vehicles. Through close co-ordination with our partners, our goal is to dramatically improve the process to going solar so that more Kiwis can take advantage of this valuable resource.”

Ecotricity offers the best of both worlds by providing competitive solar buy back rates and low off-peak rates for electric vehicles. Ecotricity also offers a unique billing system which not only allows you to see your power consumption broken down by weeks, days and hours but, if you have solar, it clearly shows your reduced energy consumption when the sun is shining, and any energy that is exported back into the grid.

example TOU graph with DG
All Ecotricity supplied electricity is sourced from solar, wind and hydro and is audited and certified on an annualised basis.  The carbon emissions saved by using Ecotricity compared to average grid supply is calculated and your carbon savings are shown each month.

solarcity’s smart new solarZero plan lets Kiwis go solar without paying for the panels. The company also provides ongoing support to maximise the benefits of solar and reduce your overall energy costs.

Solar is good for the wallet and good for the environment as it provides more certainty on the future cost of power while protecting the planet by using clean energy from the sun.

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