Decoding Your Ecotricity Power Bill

At Ecotricity, transparency is our guiding principle. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that every detail of your power bill is crystal clear.

We understand that navigating through all this information can sometimes feel daunting. Rest assured, we're here to shed light on every aspect of your Ecotricity power bill, offering you clarity and peace of mind every step of the way.

Understanding Your Ecotricity Power Bill

Ecotricity's power bills are designed to be transparent and straightforward, allowing customers to easily comprehend their energy usage and costs. Here's a breakdown of key components you'll find on your Ecotricity power bill:

Account Information

At the top of the power bill, you'll find details such as your account number, billing period, and contact information. If you ever need to get in touch with us, it’s handy to have an invoice with you so we can find your account quickly.

Energy Usage Summary

This section provides a summary of your energy consumption during the billing period, including GST. It also provides you with an estimated late payment fee amount if you miss the invoice due date.

Average Daily Energy Usage

This graph shows how much energy (kWh), on average, you use a day in the respective months. In this graph you can see that this customer uses more energy on an average day in the winter months compared to summer. There is also an average daily cost for the invoiced month, printed under the graph.

Carbon Emissions Avoided

Here you can view your total carbon savings figure (kg) since joining Ecotricity. The bar graph shows your monthly carbon emissions savings so you can see how you’re tracking. To calculate your carbon savings we multiply your monthly energy consumption (kWh) by the average emissions intensity for that month.

Network Charges

These are the costs associated with your regions network and what they charge your electricity provider for transmitting electricity to your home or business. At Ecotricity we pass these charges on at cost. Your network will either have two usage charges called ‘On Peak’ and ‘Off Peak’, or a flat rate called ‘Uncontrolled Usage’. The letters before the Daily Charges are an abbreviation on your Network name. If you’re unsure of which network you’re in, check out the Lines Company Map here.

Energy Charges

These are the charges for the electricity you use – which is often referred to as your ‘electricity consumption’. Depending on your plan the invoice might look different in this section, but pictured here you can see how many kWh this customer has used during peak hours and during off peak hours. These numbers are then multiplied by the cost per kWh to give you a total energy charge.

Other Charges

This includes an EA levy which is a cost per kWh that goes to the Electricity Authority to fund their work in regulating the wholesale market and other operations. The metering daily charge goes to your meter provider for maintenance. The admin & climate positive certification is the amount that goes to Ecotricity to pay for our staff/ business/ Toitū climate positive certification.

Average Weekly Breakdown

This graph shows your average energy consumption (kWh) per hour across a typical day.

If you have solar you might see ‘import’ rather than ‘usage’ charges, this is essentially the same thing. You will also see ‘export’ which shows how much electricity you sent back to the grid and the associated credit. You can also see where your solar export usually occurs during the day in the Average Weekly Breakdown graph.

Payment Details

Your power bill will outline the total amount due and provide payment options and due dates.

Please note that power bills will differ per price plan and network, the example above may not look like exactly your invoice.

Deciphering your Ecotricity power bill goes beyond just paying for your electricity. It's an opportunity to understand your energy consumption patterns, contribute to renewable energy initiatives, and make informed choices for a sustainable future. Together, we can work towards a cleaner, greener energy landscape for generations to come.

If you ever have questions about your power bill, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 845 000 or send us an email [email protected].

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Compare your price plan
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