What does ethical and clean energy actually mean?

‘Clean energy’ is one of those buzzwords you hear a lot in the media, but few of us actually know exactly what it means. If you’re trying to make more mindful and ethical purchasing decisions, then it’s important to understand exactly what you’re dealing with. Here’s some information to help you make ethical decisions. What […]

Ecotricity is now available in The Lines Company Network!

Good news… We’re now available in the Lines Company Network! If you’re in the King Country, Waitomo or Central Plateau area, your home or business can be supplied by 100% carboNZero certified renewable electricity! Ecotricity is supplied by Wind, Hydro and Solar generation to offer competitive and affordable price rates with no contracts or joining […]

Women Drive the Transition to Electric Cars

A study by the University of Sussex has found that women will drive the transition to electric cars. In an article by Brendan Montague, Editor of The Ecologist and published in a newsletter from New Zealand company, Chargemaster, he declared: “Men generally want speed, acceleration, style.  Women want there to be a planet when their […]

Ecotricity are proud to be behind the Climate Leaders Coalition!

Ecotricity are leading the way by providing electricity that’s 100% carboNZero certified for our customers to reduce their footprint and emissions.  Homes and Businesses now have the choice to switch to New Zealand’s cleanest greenest supply of renewable electricity.   We’ve think it is important to support the climate Leaders Coalition to encourage businesses to […]

Jaguar I-PACE

The Jaguar I-PACE is just around the corner! Many EV enthusiasts are convinced that the jaguar I-PACE is a super contender in the Electric SUV market here’s why. The Jaguar I-PACE is set to be released later this year and the reviews for the Electric SUV only praise the luxurious and impressive model. As mainstream […]

Items you’re recycling that belong in the Rubbish.

Which items go where? It’s easy to think that all items made from paper, plastic or steel can be recycled but this isn’t the case. Here are 6 items we’re recycling wrong and handy tips on what you could do to improve your recycling. Greasy paper/cardboard packaging Everyone loves pizza but not everyone knows that […]

Pioneer Energy change from Coal to Woodchip

We are proud to be connected to Pioneer Energy who are leading the move away from coal One thing Ecotricity doesn’t do is burn coal. Pioneer Energy are leaders in the generation of renewable electricity from wind, hydro and solar. But did you know Pioneer also provide heat generated from wood chip for some of their […]

Ecotricity joins forces with smartass toilet tissue

“Linking up with Ecotricity was a no-brainer for smartass, it’s so beneficial working with and building a community of like-minded people and businesses!” Innocent packaging has taken a creative and innovative approach to reducing waste… and now they’re reducing their emissions as they’re now powered by Wind, Hydro and Solar. smartass is cushiony soft, strong […]