This Valentines Day BREAK UP with FOSSIL FUELS

It’s now so much easier to break up with Fossil Fuels.


Here are THREE EASY WAYS to drop your emissions, and how long it will take you to make the changes.

The average household can save around 90,000 kilograms CO2e emissions over a 10 year period by making these changes.

Let’s get started.

1. EV headerBMW-i3-charging

It’s now easier than ever to get into an Electric Vehicle.

Yes, it will take a couple of weeks to sell your old FOSSIL car, but once you’ve made the switch you’ll never look back.

Not only is it cheaper than ever, starting from $12,900 for a Nissan Leaf, but the average household will save $10,000 in fuel and servicing costs over the next 4 – 5 years.

There are now Electric Vehicles that can travel up to 600 kilometres per charge.

Have a look at New Zealand’s No.1 Electric Vehicle Buyers Guide for more information.

Take the first step and take one for a test drive today.


2. CZ electricity header

Not all electricity is made the same.

In fact the New Zealand electricity industry is currently emitting 3.9 billion kilograms CO2e each year.  The culprits are Gas, Coal and Geothermal electricity generators.

But there is now a 100% carbonZero Certified Renewable Choice.  PLUS you’ll probably pay less for your electricity.

Try also this Solar Calculator to see if solar is right for you.

To find out what it costs to switch to New Zealand’s ONLY carboNZero Certified Electricity have a look at electricity prices for your own address here.


3. GetOffGas electricity headerget off the gas 2If you’re not using gas then you’re ahead already.

Sadly 400,000 Kiwi homes and Offices are still using gas for water heating, space heating or cooking and are burning up the planet.

Gas customers are also PAYING TOO MUCH.

To find out how much you can be saving by moving away from gas click on GetOffTheGas. There’s a handy calculator in there that will show you the savings you can make.

If you have friends or family still on gas then please send them this link!

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