It's all about circular sustainability!

Did you know that New Zealand sends the equivalent of 650 Sky Towers full of waste to landfill each year! Waste is a major issue and while it only contributes to around 2% of New Zealand’s carbon footprint, biogenic methane actually has a greater warming effect than carbon dioxide while in the atmosphere. Sustainable practices are the way to a healthy future, which is why we'd like to introduce you to ‘Mutu’.

Mutu is a kiwi startup that uses an app to connect people and businesses who need or no longer need equipment, materials and vehicles, in a more sustainable way. They make it easy for your staff to find the things they need to do their job, giving organisations visibility of their resources and offering insights into their availability & utilisation. You can list anything, and use their marketplace to make things available to people who need them. Mutu prevents things from ending up in landfill by redirecting them to other teams or sites.

Mutu delivers 3 main benefits

1. They do a stocktake and list all equipment across a business on the app. Staff members can quickly view and book things they need. Their app conducts automated check-ins to confirm equipment is where it should be and also triggers reminders for things like servicing, WOF or test-and-tags to ensure equipment is active and safe to use.

2. Mutu helps repurpose materials that are left over at the end of a project. Using their app, in less than 1 minute Mutu lets users photograph and share surplus materials across sites within your business. By reusing materials, you can save on procurement costs and redirect waste from landfill.

3. Their app then reports on all these activities giving you insights into equipment utilisation, procurement cost savings and carbon emissions redirected from landfill. Mutu's current customers are then using their sustainability metrics to contribute towards their site waste minimisation plans. And with changes to how clients are selecting contractors, having demonstrated examples of material reuse in action is also putting them in a better position to win new work.

Mutu are currently working with construction companies like LT McGuinness and Dempsey Wood; Utilities companies like Omexom, and Universities like Massey and Victoria. You can read about the awesome results they are getting at the Civil Contractor Hick Bros here.

To date Mutu has helped repurpose more than 200 tonnes of surplus materials back into other projects and saved their customers hundreds of hours in basic admin tasks through our automation!

Thermal vs Green energy
Thermal vs Green energy
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Compare your price plan
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