What’s the right Ecotricity Price Plan for your home or business?

Posted on February 09, 2021

Ecotricity offers a range of price plans to choose from. We pass network charges at cost so that customers receive the cheapest and fair pricing deals possible. Ecotricity also displays all costs so that you have visibility on how much you’re paying and what for. For example, metering charges and daily admin fees. Did you know… Low user fixed rates should be 30 cents a day? Other companies charge a few cents more at times when they don’t need to.

But to start, let’s keep things simple and easy.

Our fixed price plans for your home or business are called EcoAnytime and Low user. These are the typical rates you’re used to seeing. This is where the price of your electricity is the same throughout the entire day. If you use more than 660 kWh per month or more, then ecoANYTIME is the price plan for you. And anything less is considered to be a low user.

What’s off/on-peak?

This is demand time (on-peak) and low demand times for electricity. Early morning hours when you’re getting ready for work is considered peak time, but at night when most people are sleeping, it is off-peak. So when demand is high, prices go up, and when it’s low, prices drop. Instead of having a fixed rate during the entire day, peak rates reflect the demand. So if you’re using power during low demand times, you can expect to pay a little less than normal. Not only does this help balance the load on the grid, but it also means you can save a few dollars here or there.

In the past, we had the time of use pricing for EV and solar owners to access peak rates throughout the day. But as more networks begin to offer off-peak rates and people become more informed about different pricing details, we’re able to embed the peak demand rates into standard pricing.

What other price plans are there?

We have commercial price plans for larger sites and offer wholesale pricing to both homes and businesses. Wholesale pricing links you directly to the spot price, so it’s the cheapest plan available. These prices fluctuate every half-hour, so I would encourage this plan if you have a fair understanding of how the electricity and spot market works.

Here is a short explainer video to watch if wholesale pricing has caught your interest.

So what’s the best price plan for you? You can visit our website to check out the pricing details. ClickHERE.

If you would like us to compare your invoice with our price plans, we will be happy to create an estimated pricing summary for you.