WAO Summit 2021

Posted on September 28, 2021

Whether you’re an expert eco-warrior or beginning your sustainability journey, the WAO summit is an event you want to attend. An event dedicated to sharing knowledge and new ways to help the planet and become more sustainable.

With a 360 approach, over six days, Oct 26th - Oct 31st, 2021, you’re bound to find something new to pique your interest. There are numerous workshops and korero around circular fashion, food, sustainable building options, and carbon action. The event takes place in Wanaka - a small town dedicated to regenerative tourism and innovative ways to stay ecologically sustainable.

You can attend the event for as low as $25 in person or online. For more information, check out the WAO summit website: https://wao.co.nz/summit2021

We recommend looking at the entire program that tells you more about each workshop and suggests who would be interested. And keep up to date by following Wao_Aotearoa on social media. They have fantastic posts around what to expect and share great ways to become sustainable too.

Get amongst the fun and join us at this year’s Wao Summit 2021!

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