T2 T3 Lane Access for Electric Vehicles

If you’re not already looking to change to an Electric Vehicle (EV), now is the time.

New Zealand Transport Authority have announced that six T2 and T3 lanes in Auckland will be open to EVs for a trial period, beginning March 6th.

Trials will begin in Grafton, Sylvia Park, Henderson, Mt Wellington and Mangere.  More details on each T2 T3 lane are included below.

The trial is part of the Government’s Electric Vehicle Programme, announced in May last year.

160505 EV announcement 2The programme was developed to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand, and help reduce greenhouse emissions.

We think it’s a great compromise as it will not include bus lanes initially, although bus lanes have not been ruled out in the medium term.

Specific targets of this initiative include;

  • Doubling the number of EVs in NZ every year until 2021 or 2% of the NZ fleet, whichever comes first
  • Road user charge exemptions for EVs
  • Development of public charging infrastructure
  • Supporting the innovation of low emission vehicle projects.

Norway Success

These initiatives have already proven to be incredibly successful in other parts of the world including California, China, India, UK, the Netherlands and Norway.

Two years ago Norway opened bus lanes to EVs in a bid to boost sales and awareness.

The campaign was so successful that over 33% of new car registrations are now electric.


Norway now have reached 100,000 electric vehicles in a country similar in size to New Zealand.

The Norway trial was so successful that bus lane access will soon be reserved for buses once again in Norway.

Norway are now preparing to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles all together by 2025, even though they have the world’s 5th largest oil reserves.  Gratulerer! Bra gjort!

Norway is not alone.  The Netherlands, Germany and now India have announced plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

It’s Time to Go Electric NZ.

To find out which is the best Electric Vehicle for you try New Zealand’s leading EV Buyers Guide!  Prices start at $12,900.

If you’ve already got an EV and looking to spread the EV word then click on the Ecotricity number plate surround below and we’ll send you a set in the mail.  They’re free to all Ecotricity and Charge.Net.NZ customers.

161125 number plate snip

As a country that prides ourselves on our clean, green image, it’s now time to jump on the electrified bandwagon.

Currently there are 2,400 EVs in New Zealand.

2% of our vehicle fleet equates to just over 60 000 vehicles, so we have a way to go before reaching this target.

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More Details of the Trial Lanes below

Mangere 1 – Northbound
T2 and Truck lane adjacent to the onramp northbound from McKenzie Road to South-western Motorway (Mangere/Manukau)

1a Mangere 1b Mangere1d Mangere1c MangereMangere 2 – Northbound

T2 Lane adjacent to the onramp Northbound from Rimu Road to South Western Motorway (Mangere)

2a Rimu 2b Rimu 2c Rimu 2d RimuMt Wellington Northbound

T2 and Truck lane adjacent to the onramp northbound from SEART to South Eastern Highway (Mt Wellington, Sylvia Park)

3a SEART 3b SEART 3d SEART3c SEARTSylvia Park Northbound

T2 and Truck lane adjacent the onramp northbound from Mt Wellington interchange to Southern Motorway

4a MT Wellington 4b MT Wellington 4c MT Wellington 4d MT WellingtonHenderson – Lincoln Road City bound

T2 and Truck lane adjacent to the onramp eastbound from Lincoln Road, to SH16 North Western Motorway (Henderson)

5a Henderson Lincoln 5b Henderson Lincoln 5c Henderson Lincoln 5d Henderson Lincoln

Grafton – Southbound

Truck lane adjacent to the onramp southbound from Grafton Road Onramp to North-western Motorway (Auckland Central)

6a Grafton 6b Grafton 6c Grafton 6d Grafton

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