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ecoTEC 10:

  • Volvo goes 100% Electric
  • France Bans Petrol and Diesel
  • ChargeNet expands NZ Network
  • Electric Pleasure Boating
  • Vehicle to Grid Benefits
  • Full Electric BMW 3 Series

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ecoTEC 9:

  • Hyundai Fuel Cell SUV
  • VW no ID Buzz
  • LA considering the BORING Co
  • Tesla shares it rapid charger toys
  • CATastrophe
  • Volvo Polestar Brand


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ecoTEC 8:

  • Kiwi Wind Turbine Takes Off
  • Jaguar ELECTRIC iPace
  • Bye Bye Google Pods
  • Tesla Model 3 Test Drives
  • BMW Invests in ELECTRIC Buses
  • Apple to Release EV Project
  • Tesla Model X crash rating
  • The future of tyres

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ecoTEC 7:

  • Nurburgring Record now Electric
  • 2018 Nissan Leaf Reveal
  • Volvo Drops Diesel
  • The Boring Company Update
  • Nissan Leaf Home Batteries
  • Hyundai Ioniq gets the thumbs up
  • Ford, Toyota, VW lose the Plot
  • Wireless InRoad Charging

170502 YouTube CAR TAG image

NZs Leading ELECTRIC VEHICLE Buyers Guide








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