Get Off The Gas!

If you’re still using gas you’re BURNING UP THE PLANET ……..and YOUR WALLET.

Gas Users can save up to $8,000 over a 10 year period by switching to more efficient Electric Appliances.

Download our Ecotricity vs GAS Savings Calculator (best viewed on your PC) to work out how much you can save if you are using gas.

If you have friends or family still using gas be sure to send them this link.

Methane (natural gas) is sometimes used in the home and office for hot water heating, cooking or space heating. The average home connected to gas emits around 1,400 kilograms of CO2 per annum. That is equivalent to the emissions of owning another small car, without leaving your driveway. Let’s not forget you’re also paying $30 a month in network fees before you even start using it.

Thanks, but no thanks.

What’s worse, when there are leakages of Methane that occur, for instance when you start gas hobs, methane is released. Methane is 26 times more harmful as a greenhouse gas than CO2.

If you are already using gas you are welcome to join Ecotricity and have your current gas supplier continue.

We’ll help you get off the gas in the meantime.

What Electric Appliances to Use Instead of Gas?

This section shows you the differences in COST SAVINGS and EMISSIONS by switching to electric appliances.

In every situation, Electric Appliances are more CO2e efficient than their gas counterparts as shown in this EECA Report on Gas Appliances.

150725-cooking-1024x464.jpeg 170209-SAVINGS-Cooking.jpeg

You love cooking with gas right?

But what if it’s costing you $3,400 more every 10 years. Try our Ecotricity vs GAS Savings Calculator to work out how much you could save by ditching gas.

Gas Cooktops are only 35% as efficient as compared to Induction Cooktops which are now up to 180% faster than cooking with gas AND you can control the heat better with Induction. Induction Cooktops are also much tidier and easier to clean.

Gas is certainly not cheaper than electricity to cook with so beware the marketing spin from your gas supplier.

150725-WATER-HEATING-1024x511.jpeg 170209-SAVINGS-Hot-Water.jpeg

Say goodbye to your Gas Hot Water.

It’s old technology and needs to be given the boot.

Electric Hot Water Heat Pumps are now up to 4 times more efficient than gas hot water cylinders and now cost about the same to install as Gas Hot Water heaters.

The average home switching from Gas Hot Water Heating to a Hot Water Heat Pump will save around $4,000 …. and over 4,000 kg/CO2e every 10 years.

Of course, if you are also an Ecotricity customer then your showers are being powered by New Zealand’s only 100% Renewable and carbonzero Certified electricity provider.

Here are some providers of hot water heat pumps you should consider depending on where you are in NZ - Hot Water Heat Pumps

150725-space-heating-1024x467.jpeg 170209-SAVINGS-Space.jpeg

Heat pumps are saving Kiwi families and businesses a lot of cash, and emissions.

It’s simple, Heat Pumps are 4 times more efficient than gas heating. They can also cool your house in summer. Why pay $30 a month in summer for gas heating you only use in winter?

Gas heaters can also emit carbon dioxide into your home …. and a whole lot of extra moisture you don’t need in winter, neither are healthy.

If you really want a flame in your lounge then try a modern wood burner. Burning wood is carbon neutral. Trees absorb carbon when they grow, and release the same amount of carbon whether they rot or are burnt.

So, if your energy provider is trying to sell you gas, save your dollars and tell them to Keep It In The Ground.

Enjoy Getting Off The Gas!!!

It’s time to Get Off The Gas and move to New Zealand’s only provider of net carbonzero Certified Electricity.

Thermal vs Green energy
Thermal vs Green energy
We compare thermal and renewable energy so you can see how much of a difference it makes. Download the infographic for more information.
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Compare your price plan
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