Checklist for going solar

So you think you’re ready for solar power at your home? Read this simple checklist and make sure you’ve covered every possibility before you begin. This will help you make sure you’re prepared and that you understand exactly what’s happening.

1. Evaluate your current power bill

Take a look at how your family spend your power bill across the year. This information will be useful in designing how large a system you need. Also, you can look for ways to cut back on your energy use to get even more bang for your buck with solar.

2. Check out your roof

Is your roof right for solar? You’ll need to have a good orientation, the right materials and structure to have the best results. If your roof doesn’t face the right way, you may be able to build a frame to get the panels at a good angle, but only if you have enough space.

3. Contact an expert

You might think you know what you’re doing, but an expert will help you choose the best spot for your panels, advise on installation (or provide it themselves) and calculate the size of your solar array. You want the best advice on your side!

4. Understand the costs

Many different entities and companies are offering incentives to encourage people to install solar panels. These come with an array of payment options including leasing, purchasing outright, and floating rates. Look at the different options and choose a scheme that works for your family. Consider both upfront costs and ongoing costs, as well as non monetary costs – such as the disruption to your family during the installation process.

5. Consider the climate

What’s the weather like at your home? If you live in a high- or extreme-wind zone, your panels could be in danger from fallen debris or from flying off their mount during a storm. If you have concerns about the weather, contact a local who owns solar panels and ask them about their experiences.

6. Research the best power company

If you’re remaining on the grid, you’re going to need to choose a power company who’ll be buying back your excess power. Look for the most favorable terms you can possibly get. Ecotricity has great deals on exported energy, which enables you to save on your electricity bills. Check out our solar price plans.

How did you fare? Are you ready for solar?

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Compare your price plan
Compare your price plan
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