Check out the Four-Seated Solar Cycle!

Verne Pavreal is one of our devoted customers on our Low Solar price plan to power his home that’s equipped with 7.6 kw’s of solar array.

As true believers in renewable energy and solar power, Verne and his wife Lisa, purchased a four-seated cycle powered by human, electric and solar generation. The Pavreal’s took the road and traveled from Invercargil to Picton!

Banner1Join With a solar array capability of 400 watts, and a battery size of 1.5kw, the range for the cycle is quite impressive. Here’s a few more specifications if you’re interested:

  • The cycle has traveled more than 4700km
  • Has currently performed a maximum distance with solar input of 100km
  • The cycle has regenerative braking along with four wheel hydraulic brakes
  • There are four sets of 8 gears, one set per cyclists
  • Custom built in NZ and an unladen weight of 150kgs

Here is a video of the Four-seated cycle in action before the solar panels were installed:

So if you’re in the Hamilton area and would like to have a go on the four seated cycle or have any suggestions of some great cycling routes, contact Verne directly on [email protected]

Thanks Verne for sharing your story with us!

For further information, a full article published by Stuff can be accessed here.

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