Born Digital Commit to a 100% EV Future!

Here’s the reason Born Digital has moved to Ecotricity!

They’re saying no to dirty coal, gas and geothermal electricity generation.  See more details here about where our emissions are coming from.

Average CO2e emitted in
NZ from electricity generation.

15,664,837,368.834 Kgs CO2e
since 01 Sep 2017

Kgs CO2e
since you've been on this page


Ecotricity is proud to supply Born Digital with 100%  carboNZero Certified renewable electricity powered by Wind, Hydro and Solar!

Born Digital specialise in user interface design and development for all digital platforms including internet, kiosks, mobile and digital signage.
They’re committed to renewable energy by supporting carboNZero certified electricity but Born Digital have also decided to electrify their fleet with a 100% electric, zero emission BMW i3 and Volkswagen e-golf.

Electrifying their fleet will not only help reduce carbon emissions polluting our atmosphere, they’ll save around $2,000 per car each year from petrol and maintenance costs.

Well done Born digital on taking the lead to be sustainable supporters from the Team at Ecotricity!

If you’re interested in working with Born Digital, call 0800 999 386 or email [email protected]

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