5 reasons to consider solar power

Posted on October 28, 2020

The sun is a reliable, renewable source of energy that has existed for billions of years and will continue to exist for billions more. As technology has improved and the need for alternative energy sources has increased, solar is becoming a more viable and sought-after solution globally for home-grown power. Here are five reasons to consider solar power for your home.

Reduces or eliminates electricity bill

One of the best things about solar panels is that they save you money on your electricity bills. You can also eliminate your electricity bill entirely by opting for a battery system to store your solar-generated power for times when the sun isn’t shining. Of course, solar energy is an investment and there are costs associated with materials, installation and maintenance. But do you know how many years before your solar panels will pay for themselves? The current estimate isbetween eight and ten yearsin New Zealand. And with electricity prices expected to increase by about 4% annually, that return should be even sooner than you think.

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Options are scalable

When solar power first became commercially available, the options were fairly limited and prohibitively expensive. Now, there are a large range of scalable, cost-effective options to suit any need. Solar can be used to supplement your power use or you can move fully off the grid according to your individual preferences.

Increases property value

Whether you are installing solar for your own home or for a rental, research has shown that whatever you invest in a solar power system gets added back onto the value of the property. This is partly because of the promise of electricity cost savings but also because of popular opinion and preference – people generally believe homes with solar are more valuable.

Increases grid security

Every year New Zealand’s demand for energy increases, which puts increasing pressures on national and regional power grids. Your investment in solar not only helps you, it also takes pressure off the grid, helping out all New Zealanders.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

According to New Zealand’sEnergy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, about 40% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions come generating and using energy. This is in spite of the fact that 80% of our electricity sources are generated from renewable resources. You can do your part to keep New Zealand clean and green by ensuring the energy you use has a low carbon footprint.