8 useful facts about electric cars

1. Save money on your transport bill

The typical New Zealander spends around $2000 a year filling up their medium-priced car with petrol. If you live far away from where you work – common in the large city centres like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch – your annual bill could easily be double or triple that.


An electric car of around the same size travelling the same distance will cost only $500 per year to run. That’s a saving of over $1500 per year – enough for a return holiday to Bali.

2. Cut down on maintenance

At the pump isn’t the only place you save – electric cars on average how lower servicing costs, because they have fewer moving parts to wear out. You’ll be spending less to keep your car on the road.

3. Listen to music in peace

Your electric motor is so quiet you can listen to your tunes or have a conversation without the engine noise interrupting you. Many converts to electric cars site the quiet ride as one of the main reasons they love their EV.

4. Their range is still limited, but it’s improving

One of the drawbacks to EVs that detracters always point out is the limited range – you can only drive so far before the battery dies and the car needs recharging. However, that range has dramatically improved over the years, and most EVs can now do 100-120 km before needing a recharge.


While that won’t get you from Auckland to Hawke’s Bay for a winery tour without a stop, it’s more than enough distance for most people to commute to work, run their errands, drop off kids, and visit friends. Since the majority of our driving is short trips around the area we live and work, electric cars are a sensible choice for everyday driving.

5. Electric cars are awesome for the environment

Burning fossil fuels in our cars is one of the most wasteful and harmful practices humans undertake every single day. In the US, motor vehicles cause 75% of all carbon monoxide pollution, and 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions.


In New Zealand, the majority of our energy comes from renewable resources. We’re in a unique position to take advantage of the benefits of electric cars and set an example to the rest of the world.

6. Carsick kids may get a happy surprise

If your kids get carsick, an electric vehicle can help save their stomachs. Many parents who’ve switched to electric vehicles report the decrease in engine noise, movement, and fumes have lowered or eliminated their kid’s carsickness.

7. The government is committed to EVs

In May 2016 the NZ Government announced its Electric Vehicles programme, incorporating measures to increase the number of electric vehicles in New Zealand by reducing barriers and supporting adoption schemes.


As part of this scheme, light electric vehicles are exempt from Road User Charges until at least December 2021, bringing the average EV user a saving of around $600 per year.

8. Combine with renewable energy for even greater savings

When you combine your use of an electric car with efforts in renewable energy, such as generating your own electricity via solar panels, you can make even bigger savings. It’s a win for your household and the environment!

Thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle? Ecotricity can help with our EV buyers guide.

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