The Global Renewable Race is Underway!

The big, small and everything in between! Ecotricity shines light on the fabulous countries who are taking the lead to encourage and implement renewables!

Costa rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most notable and referenced country to renewables. The South American country captured the world’s attention as the entire country was powered solely by renewable energy for 300 days!

Setting the example for the rest of the world and proving that size is no barrier, 99% of the country’s electricity energy is generated by renewable sources and no fossil fuels at all.

Although Costa Rica is shining with renewables, Costa Rica has major transport pollution. Solutions to minimise the carbon emissions are on it’s way. Costa Rica emit 14.6 million tons and potentially 21.7 millions tons in the near future if no changes take place.



With gorgeous offshore wind farms, wind power provides 118% of the nations electricity… That’s 3 MILLION HOMES!


Some areas within Scotland have managed to generate enough solar to power 100% of the average household.

Scotland have their eyes on the target with hope to reach their ambitious and impressive goal of reducing 90% greenhouse gases by 2050.

The statistics for renewable energy are positive. Scotland managed to reduce their 2020 emission target of 41% below the 1990 benchmark by 2015. This highlights that Scotland are well on their way to being 100% renewable.


United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a Solar superstar! Utilizing the powerful energy from the sun, The number of solar panels have increased in the UK as people are investing in more efficient ways to generate power that’s great for the environment and a perfect way to save money.



The country is classed as a “green energy leader” by WWF.  Uruguay has been praised for their efforts to de-carbonize their economy and establish renewable energy initiatives with 94.5% of the country running on renewable energy. They have come a long way considering 15 years ago, the country were ready to establish pipelines to supply gas from Argentina.



China’s investment and manufacturing efforts to increase renewable energy sources are outstanding! China has dedicated an unbelievable amount of resources towards renewables as a drastic attempt to minimise air pollution and combat fossil fuels.

With a record breaking $351 billion dollar investment towards wind, hydro and solar power over the next 2 years, China aim to have 20% of its energy production to be renewable by 2030. The biggest investment into clean energy across the globe.

China added 35 gigawatts of solar generation in 2016 alone – this is equivalent to Germany’s total capacity in one year!


New Zealand 

So where does NZ place within the renewables race?… We’re going the wrong way!

Our carbon footprint is significant even as a small country but at this stage, the electricity emissions alone have risen 19% since 1990.

Under the new government, we will be front runners in the race in no time. NZ renewable targets hope to be 100% renewable energy by 2035.



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