The Dirty Truth behind your Petrol Car

The age-old debate between electric vs combustion engine cars continues. Without fail, any electric car owner will agree that the old comments about EV being no different from electricity to Electric power cars are dirty. Lithium batteries are unethical and cause as much pollution is bound to arise. But let’s turn the table for a second and see what lays behind the gas-guzzling petrol cars we’re so fast to defend. Here is the ugly and dirty truth about Combustion engine cars.

Fully charged has released an incredible animation by Mark Linthicum to explain the dirty and undeniable facts behind the polluting process to making petrol cars. So how does the petrol get to the petrol station? 

Watch the video! 

This video illustrates how much energy is required to drill, pump, transport and burning of oil. The video gives you the exact figures of how wasteful it is to make petrol cars. In the US, there are an estimated 435,000 oil wells that use pump jacks. The estimated energy for these wells is 4300 GWh each month. A lot of energy to only extract the oil out of the ground. If you were to use this electricity to power electric cars directly, you could power 15 million electric cars for a month.

Electric cars eliminate the need to burn and drilling process. It’s better to use an enormous amount of electricity directly to power electric cars. What about lithium mining? The video highlights that Australia is the number one mining country in the world. Australia’s concern is with oil mining that pollutes and causes more damage to the planet than any lithium mining that takes place. 

And what happens to the battery once it’s replaced? Well, you can learn more about this from our friend Nikki Gordon Bloomfield. Visit our blog HERE. 

Petrol for your petrol cars is a wasteful process. As more electric vehicles come into production, fewer toxins and pollution will enter the atmosphere. Electric cars are the future, and supporting the transition means keeping the planet greener for future generations.

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