Tell Rover at NOVA to MOVE OVER …. the time for GAS is OVER

NOVA, a subsidiary of Todd Energy is planning to commence construction of a new gas turbine near Otorohanga.

This goes against all efforts for New Zealand to reduce emissions.  It’s akin to everyone trying their best to give up smoking, then some rude sod walks into the room and blows smoke in your face.

160923 Nova smoke

There is absolutely no need for any new thermal generation including gas in New Zealand.

New Zealand is blessed with far cheaper and cleaner electricity from wind, hydro and solar.  The argument that gas will be displacing coal generation from Huntly is smoke and mirrors, Huntly is scheduled to be shut down anyway around 2022.

Over the next 2 years, electric vehicles and home batteries with massive battery storage will become commonplace and be able to provide power back into the grid in peak times.   Owners of these batteries will be competing to get their power back on the grid …. game OVER for gas peaking plant.

So, tell Rover at Nova to MOVE OVER …. the time for Gas is OVER.  If you’re looking for 100% carboNZero Certifed Renewable Electricity then drop us an email at [email protected].

Have a great weekend.

Team Ecoticity
Ecotricity is New Zealands ONLY 100% Renewable and carboNZero Certified Electricity sourced from Wind, Hydro and Solar.

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Original Article Below From RadioNZ

Nova Energy plans gas-fired power plant

Eric Frykberg, Transport, Energy & Resource Infrastructure Reporter [email protected]
Nova Energy is planning to build a 360 megawatt gas-turbine generator in Waikato.

Photo: AFP / Cultura Creative

The Todd Energy subsidiary is preparing an application for resource consent for the plant at Tihiroa, near Otorohanga, and said the power station was likely to be built in three stages.

Nova said the plant would be able to start up and stop quickly to meet peak demand for electricity.

Flat demand for electricity and the possible closure of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter, which could potentially flood the country with surplus power, has put a dampener on activity in the power sector.

However some analysts have said that whatever happens, some new gas-fired generation will still be needed by 2019.

Eighty percent of New Zealand’s electricity comes from renewable sources, such as hydro and geothermal.

The other 20 percent – mainly from gas – is needed for times of peak demand such as cold evenings in winter.

Nova said that is exactly what its proposed plant would do.

“The key purpose of the new power plant will be to provide electricity during times of peak demand when other forms of generation are unable to supply the grid,” said chief executive Babu Bahirathan.

“Gas turbines are an enabler for renewable generation by providing support to the national grid during periods of low wind and low hydro storage.”

The Green Party disagrees with this view, and raised the matter in Parliament yesterday.

It said Nova’s project was environmentally damaging due to the danger of climate change, and asked the Minister for the Environment Nick Smith to take over resource consent from local authorities, using powers known as a “call-in” procedure.

Dr Smith told Parliament he had not yet made any decision on whether or not to do this, but he did say a gas fired plant would be far cleaner than coal fired power plants were.

A similar gas-fired peaking plant is under consideration for Huntly by Genesis Energy.


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