solarZERO Invoice Tips

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At Ecotricity we’re proud to be one of a few electricity providers that show total transparency on your bill and separate out all costs.

We’re also proud to be supporting solarcity by offering the ecoZERO price plans to support solarcity’s solar and battery package.

The ecoZERO price plan uses only carboNZero certified electricity from the grid supplied from wind and hydro to top up your battery at night or when your solar is not generating.

ecoZERO passes all Wholesale ElectricityNetwork Fees, and Electricity Authority Levies on at cost!  It doesn’t get any better than that!

Here are a couple of tips to help you understand your invoice a little better.


Invoice – Page 1

The first page of your invoice includes your premise details, amount to pay and due date.

If you have any unpaid charges from a previous billing period, please make this payment as soon as possible to avoid Late Payment Penalties.


solarZero Price Protection on your power bill:

From October 2019, all solarZero customers have the added cost-savings benefits of a capped low price of 8c/kWh for Ecotricity power supply. Your invoice will still show the variable pricing you would have been charged depending on the grid power fee at the time of usage. Instead, this usage is applied at the low capped price – the difference is the price protection you receive as a solarZero customer.


Invoice – Page 2DataWindow

The second page contains all your information about the plan you are on, the rates you are charged before the price protection is applied and the number of units you consumed for that billing period.

This includes Network, Energy and Energy Losses and Other Charges.

We also include two graphs to give you a better idea of what your average consumption looks like. If you have more than one site under a single account, the consumption for each site will be listed in following pages separately.

To work out how many units you imported from the grid, please refer to the number of units your Electricity Authority Levy has been charged for.

Your Average Weekly Breakdown Graph will also include average solar export in yellow.



All our bank details you need to make a payment can also be found on your invoice.

Please remember to always use your correct customer number as reference (see page 1). This will ensure the payment is processed for your account.