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Ecotricity partners with SOLARCITY to bring New Zealand 100% carboNZero Certified renewable electricity

SOLARCITY has a unique offering called solarZero which means you can now afford to have solar and battery storage for your home with no up front costs.

As part of the solarZero offering, and when the sun isn’t shining, Ecotricity supplies carboNZero Certified wholesale priced electricity from wind and hydro generation.


Here’s the other reason why SOLARCITY has partnered with Ecotricity!

They’re saying no to dirty coal, gas and geothermal electricity generation.  See more details here about where thermal electricity emissions are coming from.

Average CO2e emitted in
NZ from electricity generation.

15,666,918,522.714 Kgs CO2e
since 01 Sep 2017

Kgs CO2e
since you've been on this page

How does the wholesale market work with solarZero?

solarZero is a great venture that combines solar power and battery technology. When your solar and battery is running low on supply, Ecotricity steps in when you need to take power from the grid.

Our job is to link you to direct wholesale market prices to make sure you’re getting the most affordable price plan on offer.

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