Ecotricity joins forces with smartass toilet tissue

“Linking up with Ecotricity was a no-brainer for smartass, it’s so beneficial working with and building a community of like-minded people and businesses!”

Innocent packaging has taken a creative and innovative approach to reducing waste… and now they’re reducing their emissions as they’re now powered by Wind, Hydro and Solar.


smartass is cushiony soft, strong toilet tissue made from sugarcane and bamboo fibres free of bleach, inks, dyes and perfume. So, it’s kinder to the planet that grew it.


Worldwide. the equivalent of 27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet every day. So smartass wanted to produce toilet paper that would have little impact on our environment.

Using a combination of both sugarcane & bamboo, which are both fast growing and have little wear and tear on soil quality. We thought this had to be a smarter way to take care of our bottom line.

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The company are dedicated to protecting the environment every way they can. 10% of their profits are donated to Million Metres. Million Metres help Kiwi communities plant native trees for healthy rivers, improving water quality and enhancing freshwater biodiversity.

smartass are truly dedicated to making a difference and reflect the same ethos as Ecotricity.

They only work with eco-friendly materials and want to provide you their products at an affordable price.

They’ll even support your wallet … You’ll receive 15% off when you subscribe to smartass toilet tissues. This sounds a cracker deal so click on this link to do your part to help reduce your impact on the environment!

Great stuff smartass from the team at Ecotricity!

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