Ecotricity nominated as Sustainability Business Network Finalist!

Ecotricity is an Official Finalist at the SBN Awards

Whoop whoop!

This year Ecotricity joins a long list of exceptional organisations that have been selected as finalists at the Sustainable Business Network Awards.

These awards have been running for 14 years and are renowned for celebrating the contributions made by organisations to further New Zealand’s pursuit of becoming a model sustainable nation.

With help from sponsors including Ecotricity customers Soar Printing and EECA, the awards have been able to highlight the achievements made in the fields of Renewables, Community, Mega efficiency and Restorative efforts.


The Ecotricity team are absolutely ecstatic to share that we have been nominated as finalists for not just one, but three awards in the categories – community innovation, efficiency innovation and renewables innovation.

Ecotricity was built on the foundation of supporting the development of new renewables and providing 100% carboNZero Certified Renewable electricity at an honest price.  After only 18 months we are being recognised for upholding these values. We couldn’t have done it without our customers, so thanks for the support!

160922 Team Photo Guns EDIT The Ecotricity Team Taking Aim at Emissions

So, what have we got in store for you New Zealand?

Well, we’ve grown rapidly over the last 12 months and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Education is one of the most valuable tools we use to spread our message, so we update our blog regularly with the facts on power and cool innovations being made in the industry. As well as updates, we’re beginning to showcase customers that we’re helping to keep it clean and green.

You can find out more about the Sustainable Business Network here.

Ecotricity is New Zealand’s only provider of carboNZero Certified Electricity

We’re 100% Kiwi and 49% Community Owned

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