Remuera Golf Club is in full swing for Sustainability

Remuera Golf club is NZ’s first golf course to obtain the Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) accreditation that’s internationally recognised to acknowledge their commitment to sustainability.

Committed to the core, they’re now NZ’s first golf course to be supplied by carboNZero certified renewable electricity!

Remuera golf course is leading the way for other golf clubs to follow suit and become more sustainable and eco-friendly. The club have made several changes to reduce their ecological footprint. Using an electric moer, organic fertilizer reduce water consumption and replacing exotic trees with native ones are some of the several changes they’ve made to be a cleaner and greener golf club.

They’ve wedged their way to the top as sustainable leaders for other golf courses around the country to follow suit. We’re honored to work in partnership with Remuera Golf Club. Special mention to superintendent superstar, Spencer, who has worked hard to ensure the club is as sustainable as possible.


Well done Remuera Golf Club from the team at Ecotricity!



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