Ready-to-go Reasons for Changing your Electricity Supplier

If you think you’re paying more than you should for your electricity, you probably are. So, with these handy tips, take the time to think about changing electricity providers to find the best deal for you and your home.

Save when you switch.

As consumers, we grow fond of specific brands when purchasing clothes, food items and even electricity suppliers. But sometimes it’s best to cut ties and try something new.

The electricity price review notes that if every home were to switch to the cheapest price plan on offer, they could save around $200 a year. The average kiwi household switches retailer every 7 years, we suggest switching every 2-3 years so you’re only paying what you should.

Customer service is Key

A simple task yet so difficult to master. Make sure your electricity supplier provides great customer care. Reason being is because the NZ electricity market changes all the time, which could mean an increase in charges and you want to be aware of this. Communication between you and your electricity provider is essential to make sure you’re well informed and your needs are taken care of.

Prompt payment discount could be worse than a late payment penalty.

The electricity price review shows that customers who cannot make the early payment due date, could be penalized to pay up to 26% in charges. The prompt payment discount is an unfair offer to those who are unable to utilize the so called ‘discount.’ Be alert and aware of this to avoid scams like this in future. So, opt for an electricity supplier that honest, fair and transparent with charges.

Purchase with a purpose.

There’s increasing interest for people to understand the impact of the services they purchase and where it comes from.  When switching to a new electricity supplier, be sure to invest your time and money into services that mirror your values. This way you feel proud to be behind an awesome business or initiative that’s willing to pay it forward to help others or help to protect our environment.

Retailer vs Retailer.

There are forty-one retailers within NZ’s electricity market which means the market is strong and electricity suppliers will offer great deals to attract new customers. Take the time to find out which electricity retailers are available in your area. There are great websites like Powerswitch that can help you compare different rates and how much you could save.

So, do your best to keep a few more dollars in your wallet. A simple decision like changing electricity retailer could make a big difference.

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