RE100 companies commit to renewable energy!

Wind turbines

In line with Climate Group, RE100 is an initiative for major global companies that are committed to renewable electricity.

Being listed as a RE100 company means 100% of electricity across global operations are generated from renewable sources, either from the market or self-produced.

Renewables are a smart business decision, providing greater control over energy costs and a competitive edge, while helping companies to deliver on emission reduction goals

Having large corporate names align with renewable sources will help encourage others to follow suit. Companies such as IKEA, HP, Coca-cola and other global conglomerates are a few names with the RE100.

Shifting to renewable energy from fossil fuels will reduce green house gases and pollution. Renewable is seen as the alternative to fossil fuels but hopefully overtime relying on cleaner energy will become status quo.

If you think your company could jump on the RE100 list and would like more information on what actions they’re taking to be 100% renewable, click HERE.