Ecotricity are proud to support Litefoot

We’re chuffed to be backing Litefoot!

An award-winning charitable trust,  Litefoot provide assistance to help sports clubs across NZ to reduce their environmental impact and bring down their running costs and subsequently have more funds to reinvest in sports!

This is an incredible initiative to be a part of. The clubs involved with Litefoot become more energy efficient and by engaging in environmental and social issues their members learn from the successes of the club and it inspires them to incorporate these positive actions at home.

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Here are some of the awesome things Litefoot have achieved thus far:

  • Installed water saving devices on taps and toilets that are saving 44.3 million litres of water each year.
  • Diverted more than 5,300 tonnes of waste from landfills each year via 2,447 recycling stations in clubs
  • Replaced over 31,846 light bulbs to energy-efficient CFLs and LEDs

 Litefoot launched in 2011 and currently have 166 clubs registered on their website.

Ecotricity have teamed with Litefoot because we love the ethos that the charity represents. They are doing their bit to address Climate Change, Waste and Water consumption and to improve the financial health of sports clubs across New Zealand. The team at Ecotricity understand that we need to improve efficiencies and to reduce our consumption if we are going to have a chance of limiting a Global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees above 1990 levels.

At Ecotricity we are proud to be able to provide 100% carboNZero certified electricity from Hydro, Wind and Solar generation to customers that care about people and the planet.