Electricity that doesn't cost the earth.
We offer competitive pricing for your home, bach or business.

Green electricity for home

Choose 100% Renewable Electricity for your home. By supporting Ecotricity you are supporting the development of new renewable generation projects.
carbon zearo

Get carbonzero

We are the only provider of 100% Renewable and carbonzero Certified electricity that is sourced from wind, hydro and solar.

no surprises

No surprises!

Most bills are based on actual consumption. No double dipping. All lines charges are passed on at cost.

fight for fair

You've got options!

Along with your usual fixed price plans, we offer time of use pricing. Time of use pricing is great if you own an EV or have solar.


Clean electricity for business

For companies that measure their carbon emissions through CEMARS, carbonzero, RE100 or other emission schemes, Ecotricity’s carbonzero Certified electricity can completely pre-offset all greenhouse gas emissions related to electricity consumption.
work for you

Put Ecotricity to work for you

We provide plans to suit your business, with competitive pricing that won’t cost the earth. Contact us today for Commercial Quotes.

supprt local

We support local

We support New Zealand businesses in becoming cleaner and greener.



Solar is the golden secret that will help you save money and support renewable energy. Ecotricity works with several solar installers across NZ so you're getting the best and cleanest deal possible.

Solar is now affordable

With more solar technology coming to light, solar is becoming more affordable. And over time, solar technology is only improving to obtain the sun's energy to it's full potential. If you would like more information, take a look at our solar partners directory.

leading solar plans

NZs Leading Solar Price Plans

We offer off-peak and on peak pricing, you have the ability to use and generate during low and high demand times. Very few retailers offer time of use pricing structures so you want to make the most of this with Ecotricity.

meter upgrade team

Dedicated Meter Upgrade Team

Along with your solar installer, we'll ensure all requests and meter installation process runs smoothly. So that your system and solar array are good to go from the start.

Solar Power with Ecotricity

You might have a question or two

We are able to tell when your usage is occurring because most houses and businesses are installed with smart meters (if not we will organise for one to be installed).

Smart meters record data every half hour and then will communicate that information daily to the metering company who then send it on to us.

This allows us to give you up-to-date information on your consumption and to charge different amounts based on when your consumption occurs, for instance charging your electric vehicle at cheap night time rates.

Customers can access information on their consumption yearly, monthly, weekly, right down to the half hour.

Can we guarantee each electron comes from only renewables?

No. However, because electricity is an interchangeable commodity throughout New Zealand we are able to very accurately account for how much we are supplying our customers and conversely purchasing from renewable resources on an annualized basis. The net effect therefore is that we are only supplying from certified renewable sources.

We also take into account what emissions arise from the construction of the renewable generation plant, such as concrete, steel, transport to and from the site, transmission losses etc. A very detailed piece of work goes on behind the scenes!

Our carbonzero Certification for Electricity is based on international protocols and United Nations Product Specifications for supplying electricity from renewable sources. Carbon neutral electricity is offered in many overseas markets including Australia, the US and Europe. The carbonzero Certified Electricity programme has also been peer reviewed by an overseas expert. The reason it is important to support carbonzero Certified electricity is so that new renewable electricity is developed, in particular wind and solar.

To find out much carbon emissions you can save by joining Ecotricity, check out our energy carbon emissions calculator here.


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