Pioneer Energy change from Coal to Woodchip

We are proud to be connected to Pioneer Energy who are leading the move away from coal

One thing Ecotricity doesn’t do is burn coal.

Pioneer Energy are leaders in the generation of renewable electricity from wind, hydro and solar.

But did you know Pioneer also provide heat generated from wood chip for some of their industrial and commercial customers?

They are supporting the University of Otago to move away from the use of coal to wood chip for heating and hot water. By 2021, that means no more coal will be used to heat the University of Otago !


Pioneer Energy’s move to wood chip will assist the University of Otago in their mission to become a zero-carbon campus. The shift to wood chip will enable the University of Otago to halve its greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their carbon footprint by a third.

For more information about Pioneers woodchip operations take a look here.

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Pioneer’s move to wood chip sets the benchmark for other influential players within NZ like Dairy industry to make the transition towards sustainable energy and stop the use of coal to fuel industry.


Ecotricity are 50% community owned and proudly purchase our electricity from Pioneer Energys wind and hydro generation plant.

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