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Tidal Energy in NZ – is it a viable source of generation

Posted On September 24, 2020

New Zealand is an ideal candidate for wave and tidal energy production. After all, we are surrounded by ocean. The western and southern coasts have large wave energy resources generated by the Southern Ocean and Tasman Sea, with strong tidal currents in certain areas, such as Cook Strait, French Pass and Foveaux Strait. Our harbours […]

Advances in EV battery technology

Posted On August 19, 2020

Electric vehicles (EVs) become more and more viable with each passing year. This is largely due to one thing: innovations in battery technology. Here, we review the history of EV technology and discuss future innovations. If you’re interested we also have asupber YouTube interview with one of the globes leading battery engineers here. History […]


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Psychology and climate change inaction: Why we resist change

Posted On August 19, 2020

It has been incredible to see how swiftly nations lept to action in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Governments shut down everything from borders to their own economies in a race to prevent the spread of the virus. People around the globe have been cooped up, either by law or by their own accord, […]

Designing an eco-friendly garden

Posted On August 19, 2020

Designing an eco-friendly garden is a great way to support New Zealand’s native plants and birds. While there are some general ways to be eco-friendly (like choosing water-wise plants and natural/organic pesticides), here are a few gardening tips that will integrate your garden with New Zealand’s ecosystem. Support local birds and plants If you’d like […]

New customer portal!

Posted On July 30, 2020

Big news! We have upgraded our customer portal to bring you some new and vibrant features that we’re expecting you’ll love. In the meantime you can download invoices, look at your half hour consumption and compare between months, days, or weeks, or take a look at you carbon savings! More features arriving shortly including: Full […]