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Can solar panels be recycled?

Posted On October 28, 2020

Solar panels have seen tremendous growth in recent years. Commercially, businesses and enterprises the world over are turning to solar to augment their existing power needs or move to a self-sustaining source of power. Privately, homeowners are investing in solar as a way to lower their personal carbon footprint and gain independence from unpredictable energy […]

6 Must have reusable items for your home

Posted On October 28, 2020

A good way of cutting down waste is by replacing single-use disposable items with reusable items that have a longer lifespan. Here are six key items we recommend for your home. Reusable beverage containers If you don’t have your own reusable water bottle and coffee cup already, make this a priority. Plastic bottles and single […]


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NIO – The car company you should know about

Posted On October 28, 2020

NIO is a global startup, founded by William Li. Established in 2014, NIO’s goal is to exceed vehicle ownership expectations and make EVs the natural choice over internal combustion engines. So far, they are meeting their goals, with sleek vehicle design ranging from sports cars to SUVs to run-arounds. Their vehicles have an impressive range, […]

History of Electric Vehicles

Posted On October 28, 2020

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. While the popularity of EVs may make them seem like they are a recent innovation, EVs have a long and interesting history and even pre-date internal combustion engines (ICEs). The first “horseless carriages” were built in the late 18th century and early […]

Why nuclear energy isn’t an option

Posted On October 28, 2020

New Zealand is one of the few developed countries in the world that does not have any nuclear reactors whatsoever. We do not have nuclear weapons, we do not have nuclear power and we do not even have research reactors, relying on Australia to provide medical isotopes. There are several pros and cons associated with […]