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Volkswagen Power Day – Here’s What You Need To Know

Posted On March 25, 2021

Historically, Volkswagen AG has been criticized by electric car fans — sometimes rightly — for being particularly slow to bring new electric cars to market. In fact, in the immediate post-Dieselgate era, when Volkswagen brought concept after concept to international auto shows, I’ve got to admit that it felt to me as if the company […]

The Dirty Truth behind your Petrol Car

Posted On March 03, 2021

The age-old debate between electric vs combustion engine cars continues. Without fail, any electric car owner will agree that the old comments about EV being no different from electricity to Electric power cars are dirty. Lithium batteries are unethical and cause as much pollution is bound to arise. But let’s turn the table for a […]


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Ecotricity and Genesis join forces to deliver 100% NewRenewable energy future

Posted On February 19, 2021

Ecotricity will support its growing customer base by adding supply of 100% NewRenewable generation from Genesis, including the newly constructed Waipipi wind farm.       Ecotricity is New Zealand’s only 100% carboNZero certified electricity provider, which follows strict United Nations product protocol, sourced from wind, solar and hydro.   CEO, Al Yates, said Genesis’ […]

What’s the right Ecotricity Price Plan for your home or business?

Posted On February 09, 2021

Ecotricity offers a range of price plans to choose from. We pass network charges at cost so that customers receive the cheapest and fair pricing deals possible. Ecotricity also displays all costs so that you have visibility on how much you’re paying and what for. For example, metering charges and daily admin fees. Did you […]

NZ Govt actions against Climate Change

Posted On February 02, 2021

The government is taking great urgency to tackle the climate crisis. Last year NZ declared a climate emergency, with the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern saying, “This declaration is an acknowledgment of the next generation. An acknowledgment of the burden that they will carry if we do not get this right and do not take action […]