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PUMP vs PLUG Cradle to Grave Impacts

Posted On November 30, 2016

Can Electric Vehicles (EVs) really save the Planet? What are the Cradle to Grave Environmental Impacts of EVs Compared with Fossil Fueled Vehicles We’re regularly asked whether Electric Vehicles (EVs) are better than their Petrol or Diesel cousins (FOSSILs) over the lifetime of the vehicle. While it may seem like an obvious answer, there are […]

Ecotricity EV License Plates – Get Ready for T2 + T3 Lane Access

Posted On November 28, 2016

Got an Electric Vehicle but not getting the recognition you deserve? The ultimate EV accessory is here. The Ecotricity number plate border …. and it’s powered by NZ’s only carboNZero Certified Electricity. The new plate borders are free of charge for Ecotricity and Charge.Net.NZ customers …. and anyone else who drives an electric vehicle. We also […]


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Tesla clocks 320,000 km – maintains 94% battery – Model S now hits 100k in 2.4s

Posted On November 25, 2016

Here’s some Tesla news hot off the press Model S clocks up 320,000 km – maintains 94% capacity Model S now hits 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds Tesla Model 3 Solar Roof Option New Electric Nürburgring record Tesla Model S clocks 320,000 km – maintains 94% battery capacity Tesloop, a dedicated Tesla taxi service between Los Angeles and […]

Farro Fresh – First Grocery Retailer to Embrace 100% carboNZero Certified Renewable Electricity

Posted On November 23, 2016

First Grocery Retailer to Embrace carboNZero Certified Electricity We are absolutely honoured to confirm that Farro Fresh have partnered with Ecotricity to be the first grocery retailer to embrace carboNZero Certified Electricity. “We’re very pleased to be able to move to Ecotricity to have 100% carboNZero Renewable Certified Electricity for all of our Farro Fresh […]

Ecotricity Wins 2 Sustainability Awards

Posted On November 17, 2016

What a night! Ecotricity was nominated as a finalist in three Sustainable Business Network SBN awards last night and won two of those categories. A big thank you to the SBN Team and judges for hosting a rapidly growing SBN Annual Awards dinner that recognises companies and individuals making a difference in emission and waste reductions, cleaner environments […]