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Solar Powered Vehicle – Lightyear One

Posted On January 11, 2018

The advancements in renewable energy and more efficient modes of transport are coming in thick and strong. So what happens when you combine both in one product? Say Hello to Lightyear One. Lightyear One has brought the wild idea of creating a fully Solar powered Electric Vehicle to life. Although only 10 signature vehicles will […]

Get Lean and Go Green with Les Mills

Posted On December 19, 2017

It’s official. Every Les Mills club across NZ is now powered by 100% carboNZero Certified Electricity from Ecotricity! For decades, Les Mills has dominated the fitness industry by providing a large range of group fitness classes, state of the art gym equipment and a team who work towards one collective goal; to dramatically improve the […]


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SBN Awards 2017

Posted On December 05, 2017

The Sustainable Business Network Awards is an event to acknowledge the distinguished corporate leaders whom embrace sustainability and drive changes for the community in an innovative and unique manner. With the Rt Hon Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attending the awards, the night will be one to remember as sustainability becomes more significant than ever for the future […]

Keep Calm and Recycle with Reclaim

Posted On November 23, 2017

  The Recycling Experts, Reclaim have joined forces with Ecotricity. They’re 100% Kiwi and provide sustainable solutions to improve the state of our environment for the future! Reclaim have been front runners in the recycling industry since 1975. They aim to provide guidance, advice and assurance around waste minimisation and are dedicated to promoting simple […]

Ross Intermediate School Take the Lead to Reduce Emissions

Posted On November 21, 2017

Paving the way from Palmerston North to tackle Climate change, Ross Intermediate school are setting the bar for other schools across the country to become carbon neutral. Ross Intermediate are devoted to reducing emissions and doing what they can to be more sustainable and enviro-friendly. The school is leading by example for other schools to […]