Common misconceptions about wind power

New Zealand is one of the countries most ideally suited to taking advantage of the power of wind to generate electricity. We’re already making strides in this area, with <>. We could be doing much better, but with decision-makers and lobbyists swayed by myths and misconceptions, wind gets a bad rep that it doesn’t deserve. […]

How the community is nailing recycling

Across New Zealand, there’s a renewed interest in reducing waste, reusing objects instead of creating more disposable rubbish, and recycling old things into new things. Local councils and private companies organise recycling runs and sorting centres, but it’s the community initiatives around the country that truly show the spirit of “clean, green New Zealand” is […]

5 myths about Solar Energy

At Ecotricity, we’re out and about every day across New Zealand, talking to people about the awesome benefits of solar. Along the way, we get all sorts of questions and hear “interesting” stories about solar power. Everyone’s heard something from a friend-of-a-friend, and most of it isn’t true at all. With that in mind, here […]

Facts on plastic waste

Plastic has been an important part of our lives for hundreds of years. The word plastic comes from Greek, and it means, “moulded from heat.” Plastic polymers like beeswax, bones, fossilised pine-tree resin (amber) and horns occur naturally, but it’s the commercial production, use, and tossing away of plastic items that has many of us […]

Types of Electric Vehicles

If you’re looking to buy an electric vehicle, you’d be forgiven for feeling lost. The terminology can be confusing, and you might not understand what you’re looking at or what options are available. Let us help by shedding some light on the types of electric vehicles currently available on the New Zealand market: Battery Electric […]