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Covid 19 Outbreak – Our response

Posted On April 14, 2020

Our thoughts are with all Kiwis and trust that you and your family are healthy during lockdown. We can be proud of how the country has responded to this global challenge. Ecotricity began working remotely a week before the lockdown as our directors felt this was best for the team and their families. Covid 19 has […]

How the construction industry can be more sustainable

Posted On April 08, 2020

The construction industry has a hefty environmental footprint. It generates large volumes of CO2 and waste, and it consumes virgin resources at an alarming rate. While construction is a vital industry that provides buildings for us to live in and supports many human endeavours, much more could be done to ensure that this industry is […]


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Is online shopping better or worse for a sustainable future?

Posted On April 08, 2020

It is estimated that 1.8 billion consumers globally bought goods online in 2018, amounting to $2.8 trillion in sales. This is expected to reach $4.8 trillion by 2021. The proliferation of online shopping has raised alarm bells for sustainability and has made us question – is online shopping better or worse for a sustainable future? […]

Line charges are dropping across NZ!

Posted On March 18, 2020

Most networks across NZ are looking to lower distribution costs. This means your power bill will become cheaper. We choose to pass network rates at costs to ensure your power bill is as low as possible. On average, distribution fees equate to 27% of your power bill, so decreasing lines chargers will make a difference […]

How the community benefits from Ecotricity’s ethical energy focus

Posted On March 04, 2020

For us, ethical energy isn’t just a feel-good term that we throw around to boost our image. It is a symbol of our commitment to New Zealand’s land, environment and people. Take a look at how the comm unity benefits from Ecotricity’s focus on ethical energy. Ethical energy is good for everyone For energy to […]