NZ Electricity Emissions

21-06-15-emissions.gifData Source: Energy Link NZ 12 months emissions 2020

Average CO2e emitted in NZ 2020 from electricity generation

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Total Electricity Emissions – Emissions Intensity

All types of electricity generation, including renewables, have some environmental impact such as greenhouse gas emissions associated with the construction, operation, distribution and transmission of renewable electricity.

Below is a graph of the emissions intensity of each type of thermal electricity generation in New Zealand plus electricity sourced from Ecotricity Wind, Hydro and Solar and their embedded emissions from construction.

21-06-15-emissions-intensity.gifData Source: Energy Link NZ 12 months emissions 2020

Electricity Primary Fuel Emissions

However, what’s not so flash is that over 4 billion kilograms of CO2 is still emitted from electricity in New Zealand each year.

The graph at the top of the page shows the total emissions from the primary fuel source of thermal generation from Coal, Gas and Geothermal.

That’s why we’re proud to be supplying 100% Renewable and carbonzero certified electricity sourced from wind, hydro and solar!

Energy Emissions – Since 1990

Between 1990 and 2017 New Zealand’s emissions from electricity have risen 17%.


The good news is that both electricity and transport emissions can be brought down rapidly, by moving to 100% Renewables and Electric Vehicles …… and will cost a lot less for Kiwi’s and Kiwi businesses

Electricity Emissions – Preceding 12 Months

The following graph shows the amount of CO2e emitted per kWh of electricity.

This is calculated on national average electricity CO2e intensity per kWh for the preceding 12 months. This changes from year to year, and depends greatly on the amount of rainfall in hydro dam catchments.


More information can be found at the Ministry for the Environment Interactive website here (Computer browsers only).

NZ Emissions Change – 1990 To 2012

We are a small country but our carbon equivalent footprint per capita is still significant. Our greenhouse gas emissions have grown substantially. If we look at our greenhouse gas emissions on a per capita basis, a person in New Zealand accounts for nearly twice the amount of emissions than a person in the UK and more than seven times the amount of a person in India.


The following graph shows New Zealands greenhouse gas emissions change from 1990 to 2012 compared to other countries that are part of the Kyoto Protocol. This includes all gases, all industries and all land use changes.

New Zealand emissions have increased 111% since 1990. Other countries that have exceeded New Zealands emissions growth include China (260%) and Turkey (163%). Data is sourced from the United Nations – International Panel for Climate Change site.


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