New WIFI enabled 10 KW vehicle charger

Juicebox Pro

New Wifi enabled EV charger has advanced features putting the power back into the hands of the consumer

Ecotricity is proud to announce the arrival of the new Juicepoint EV charger that is a massive leap ahead on features and usability.  The new WIFI enabled units started shipping last week to some very happy EV owners.

At full 10 kW output, the Juicepoint charges at the equivalent of 55 km / hr, charge rates depend on the model of car.

Some of the advanced Worx unit features include;

  • Wifi connectivity to smart phones to regulate charge rate from 1 kw to 10 kw
  • Ability to remotely turn on or off the charger
  • Time of day scheduling
  • Usage graphing
  • Automatic maximum load balancing between multiple units
  • 7 metre cable – up from 3.5 metres on previous units
  • Only $999 plus GST – excludes installation

151203 Juicebox mobile app only

The advance scheduling features means that commercial enterpises can provide business hours charging to staff and customers without being exposed to overnight non customer use.  Conversely the night time scheduling for home use supports the ability for residential customers to maximise off peak savings, for instance the Ecotricity ecoSAVER price plan.

For more information download the instruction and features here JuiceBox 40 Worx Quick Start .


To order, email us on or call 09 309 8444!

151203 Juicebox mobile graphs

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