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Million Metres is an online fundraising platform for restoring the banks of New Zealand waterways. Its goal is to raise funds to plant one million metres of waterway with native plants and trees. The initiative is led by the Sustainable Business Network in partnership with the Department of Conservation.  You can support a planting project at

As your electricity provider, Ecotricity can help reduce your carbon footprint and track the carbon emissions you’ve avoided. You can help the environment even more by planting 10 trees to Million Metres when you switch to Ecotricity to take advantage of this exclusive offer, simply follow the instructions below.

Simply use ‘Million Metres 068’ in the ‘How did you hear about us’ section and we’ll donate 10 trees when you are officially switched as our customer. Seems easy right? Because it really is!

Plus, there are no contracts, no joining fees and it only takes a few minutes to switch.

For further information or if you need assistance with joining us, contact our customer support team. Call 0800 845 000 or email [email protected]

Customer Testimonials

  • Farro Fresh expect to save over 260,000 kilograms CO2 from our electricity emissions each year by moving to Ecotricity. There is no added cost ... in fact over time we expect to see worthwhile savings.

    James Draper - Co-Founder, Farro Fresh

  • I wanted to ensure that my family and I consume electricity that is produced through renewable methods. We felt that Ecotricity's carbonZero certification gives us confidence that we are achieving that goal without paying more! Nice work Team Ecotricity.

    Richard Horton

  • I switched to Ecotricity because they offer some of the best solar export rates as well as great night time rates, and it’s all from carboNZero Certified renewable sources.

    Russell Ballie

  • We switched to Ecotricity because they are locally owned, produce clean energy and help their customers benefit from having alternate energy systems. The change over was simple and staff were helpful.

    Bruce Larsen