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Wanaka Solar design and install the grid-tied solar, battery, and off-grid solar systems.

Through transparent advice, we tailor the ideal solar system for your needs. Our mission is to provide the highest quality systems at an affordable price, providing a complete end-to end solution. We take the hassle out of going solar. We do this to help New Zealand transition to a low carbon future.

If you are after a dedicated solar PV and battery installation company working across the lower south island, Wanaka solar are your go-to professionals. From domestic work through to 100kW commercial systems, they have you covered. Every customer gets the best system available, tailor-made to their energy requirements. Wanaka Solar is passionate about what they do, making your move to solar easy.

Call them today on 03 409 0786.

Wanaka solar is a great website to look at for more information on Solar as well. They have great articles and materials to help you along the way to having solar installed. Whether you’re looking to have a solar array installed tomorrow or in the near future, Wanaka solar is a great website to look at for any information you might need on solar. They have articles to help along the installation process and ways solar will help reduce your carbon footprint too! They’ve also expanded to Queenstown Solar as well.