Solarcraft and Ecotricity have joined forces to make the transition to solar easier for businesses. Solarcraft customers now receive New Zealand’s only 100% NewRenewable carbonzero Certified electricity powered by SkySolar onsite and wind and hydro from Ecotricity generation sites around the country.


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At Solarcraft, we pride ourselves on our quality service, products, and ability to meet our clients’ individual energy needs. We have been operating since 2010 in the solar industry and use our vast experience in on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar installations here and abroad to ensure that all our systems are unique and specific for our customers’ requirements. Solar power is our passion; our customers always come first.



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  • Your preferred panel types monocrystalline, polycrystalline, etc.) and manufacturer. We use Longi Sunpower, both Mono or PERC; Black appearance seems to be the kiwi way!
  • Your preferred inverter manufacturer and model. Enphase Mircos, Fronius, and SMA String, the model always come down to site and panel requirements.
  • Your preferred battery manufacturer and model. Powerplus Energy, for scalability and versatility. Alpha for a low cost.
  • Any additional systems you install (efficiency systems/monitoring equipment etc.) All our systems come with their property web-based apps; consumption and production are always built into our systems. This information is seen as more valuable to the panels and batteries themselves.
  • Contact Details
  • 9 Manga Road, Stanmore Bay, Silverdale 0932
  • 027 467 7279
  • [email protected]