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Solar array with wind turbines in the background. With blue skies and the sun shiningSolar Technology

PV Modules:

  • REC Solar Monocrystalline Modules 25-year warranty excellent design and aesthetics.
  • Trina Solar Monocrystalline Modules excellent value & highest rated panel 2018 & 2019 by Bloomberg New Energy Report.


  • Fronius single or 3-phase, Austrian manufactured, hybrid or grid-tied, for residential, schools & small commercial
  • SMA single or 3-phase, German manufactured, hybrid or grid-tied, for commercial projects
  • Alpha-ESS single or 3-phase, off-grid, hybrid or grid-tied, for off-grid, residential or commercial projects
  • Victron off-grid for residential projects, Dutch manufactured


  • Alpha-ESS Storion single or 3-phase off-grid or hybrid, for off-grid, residential or commercial projects
  • Freedom Won single phase batteries for off-grid projects
  • LG Chem High Voltage Battery for SMA Inverters single or 3-phase for oof-grid residential or small commercial projects

Power Conversion & Energy Storage

  • Pixii Power Shaper single or 3-phase energy conditioning, storage management for residential, commercial or grid-scale projects

We apply our financial and solar energy industry experience to each project to design and deploy customised solutions which deliver robust long-term economic returns.

SkySolar Key People:

Cameron King – Director Commercial Projects – 021 385464 – [email protected]

Mike Ward – Sales Director – 021 661909 – [email protected]

Steven Straughan – Sales Manager Central – 021 0428189 – [email protected]

Phil Le Poidevin – Sales Manager South Island – 021 3277452 – [email protected]