Running your Business on Solar Energy

SkySolar and Ecotricity have joined forces to make the transition to solar easier for businesses.

SkySolar customers now receive New Zealands only 100% NewRenewable carbonzero Certified electricity powered by SkySolar onsite, and wind and hydro from Ecotricity generation sites around the country.


ROI, depreciation, local feed-in tariffs – all the economic factors that influence a decision to go solar can help explain and make transparent. We love the challenge of taking a brief and specifying a solution for your business that not only provides the power you need but has a solid business case behind it.

SkySolar design and deploy integrated solar systems that convert the sun’s free energy into electricity. Our systems are designed to maximize investment return, by replacing grid-purchased electricity with solar-generated electricity.

These solar arrays are warrantied for 25 years.

A SkySolar system will enable you to utilize the sun’s power, bank energy savings, and store excess energy for use during peak demand, at night, and during power outages – future-proofing your property and highlighting the benefits of sustainable living.

Live monitoring and energy dashboards provide our clients with tools to measure energy consumption, generation, and waste reduction.

SkySolar’s extensive industry experience and high-quality equipment are reinforced by industry-leading warranties, giving you the reassurance of excellent long-term returns.





SkySolar Technology

PV Modules:

  • REC Solar Monocrystalline Modules 25-year warranty excellent design and aesthetics.
  • Trina Solar Monocrystalline Modules excellent value & highest rated panel 2018 & 2019 by Bloomberg New Energy Report.


  • Fronius single or 3-phase, Austrian manufactured, hybrid or grid-tied, for residential, schools & small commercial
  • SMA single or 3-phase, German manufactured, hybrid or grid-tied, for commercial projects
  • Alpha-ESS single or 3-phase, off-grid, hybrid or grid-tied, for off-grid, residential, or commercial projects
  • Victron off-grid for residential projects, Dutch manufactured


  • Alpha-ESS Starion single or 3-phase off-grid or hybrid, for off-grid, residential or commercial projects.
  • Freedom Won single-phase batteries for off-grid projects.
  • LG Chem High Voltage Battery for SMA Inverters single or 3-phase for oof-grid residential or small commercial projects

Power Conversion & Energy Storage

  • Pixii Power Shaper single or 3-phase energy conditioning, storage management for residential, commercial, or grid-scale projects

We apply our financial and solar energy industry experience to each project to design and deploy customized solutions which deliver robust long-term economic returns.

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SkySolar Key People:

Cameron King – Director Commercial Projects
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Mike Ward – Sales Director
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Steven Straughan – Sales Manager Central
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Phil Le Poidevin – Sales Manager South Island
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